Lyle’s Custom & Resto is more than ‘just a workshop’ – because old cars are so much more than ‘just cars’.

From a service to a full restoration; We carry out top quality repairs, rebuilds & upgrades on vehicles from the ’40s to the early 90’s by all manufacturers.

When it comes to adding your own unique touch to your classic, we’re not being scared to think outside of the box, we’re never short of ideas from small details to whole concepts.

If it’s a custom build you’re after, we can walk you right through from the initial idea/theme & the planning & build stages to make that idea a reality. Our knowledge combined with our creative flair, engineering background, suppliers & contacts, and a genuine life-long enthusiasm for old autos will ensure your project ends up something special & totally unique!

If it’s ‘factory’ you’re into -No problem. Our restoration work is carried out with meticulous attention to detail, using the best available parts and panels, never cutting corners & doing the job the way we’d want it done on our own cars.

LyellShoot-2If your classic is ‘growing old gracefully’ & you like it kept that way – that’s great; We love original steel -Old paint & patina tells a story & it’s worth keeping. We’ll preserve that look wherever humanly possible.

We have helped our customers create some interesting Ratty project cars too. We see rat-look (just like custom cars) as auto-art. ‘Freedom of expression on wheels’. There’s some clever stuff out there.

We’ve been around the car scene a long time & the new ideas people pop up with (whatever form they may take) keep everyone coming back for more, and keep us all inspired from one year to the next.

LyellShoot-3As far as we’re concerned; concourse, daily driver, custom, rat, whatever -old cars are special and something much more personal than just a means of transport. So a job done on them is worth doing properly. We don’t do a quick bodge, and we don’t polish or ‘re-brand’ turds! Whichever way you swing on the ‘rat vs shiny’ debate, be it a beautiful shiny Jag, or a low-slung ratty VW, it’s your pride & joy -we get that, and we share your enthusiasm.

Our workshop is located in the Midlands. Our policy is not to have hoards of cars hanging around waiting to be worked on. Our ‘one at a time’ attitude means your pride and joy gets our full attention whilst booked into the ‘shop. Booking in advance is essential as we always have a waiting list for larger jobs/projects.


Labour is £40/hr. £270/day

For large scale work, ie projects, restorations etc. we would estimate the job as a whole. We’d need to see your car first.

We offer set-price servicing on some makes & models -Please call or email to see if yours is on the list

Please visit ‘Lyle’s Custom & Resto’ facebook page for regular updates on our regular goings-on. And, of course, give us a bell if there’s something you’d like to discuss.