’64 Ford Falcon

This 1964 Ford Falcon was Imported by the owner, Matt. He’s a massive classic car fanatic, and a very active member of the classic car community, hosting events such as the massively successful ‘Retro Warwick’.

Matt is a competent home mechanic, having built numerous project cars, and is carrying out as much work on the Falcon as he can himself. But there’s one major part of the project he decided would be best done elsewhere… welding in replacement floor pans.

The floors really didn’t reflect the condition of the rest of the car when we received it. Other than a very small hole in the nearside inner arch the rest of the ‘shell was rock-solid.

We carefully unpicked the spot-welds and cut out any original floor areas where they were rotten or pitted…

Matt had supplied us with some of the main repair panels needed for the job. We hand-fabricated the toe-boards and rear panels beneath the rear seat area. The panels were trial-fitted and trimmed, adjusted and marked out before being prepped for welding into place

The surrounding good original metal was meticulously cleaned back to bright steel, and the panels were then clamped and tacked in before fully spot, plug & butt welding in.

With the metalwork complete, we ground down the seam welds & linished back any puddle welds before seam-sealer and etch-primer was applied.

Underneath we sealed the joins and applied stone-chip protection…





…and once we’d bolted the doors back on and put the shifter & seat back in that was our bit done. Matt now has one totally rot-free Falcon. He can apply the top coat of paint and re-fit the interior at his leisure.

Falcon finished

A very satisfying job, and a pleasure to work on such an awesome car.