Allegro Equipe

Andy’s super-rare ‘Equipe’-model Austin Allegro…

A long list of small adjustments and fixes were carried out by us, such as paint touch-ups, refurbishing some deteriorating rare parts, applying decals & one or two small electrical fixes. Andy does use this car on the road to attend local events & weekend drives, so maintenance & minor repairs are inevitably necessary.

Allegro underbonnet

When we received the car the engine bay was… ‘OK’. Functional, but carrying the usual road grime, stone chips etc. The alloy parts were becoming corroded, as were some of the painted steel components.

We carried out a full clean & detail under the hood; polishing (but not over-polishing) the rocker cover & dash-pots etc. Removing, blasting & re-painting many steel parts such as brackets & fan housing. The surrounding panelwork was cleaned & polished & the rubber & plastic parts were all treated for longevity & appearance.

Allegro rear

A full exterior valet finished the Allegro off to make her fully show-ready.