We can service just about any petrol or diesel engined classic. We use the finest oils, fluids and service parts -Genuine, OEM -whatever the best is that’s available.

We go the extra mile to provide you with the peace of mind that your classic is cared for just as the manufacturer intended. No cutting corners, no cheap ‘alternatives’.

Our workshop, which is equipped especially for older cars, coupled with our wealth of knowledge ensures that your classic gets the service it deserves.

Vehicle Safety Inspections

With the latest regulations, cars of 40 years of age or more no longer require MOT testing. This leaves it up to you -the classic car owner to be responsible for the safety and roadworthiness of your car.

Many MOT testing stations have now become so detached from cars of this age that it’s often the case that the tester doesn’t really know what they’re looking at.
Speaking from personal experience, we’ve had a customers car fail an MOT for ‘holes in the axle assembly’ which were actually factory-stamped cut-outs in a beautifully rust-free suspension subframe! And, conversely, we’ve seen many passes where quite serious problems were just not recognised.

We’ve listened to you -our valued customers, and we’re now pleased to offer an MOT-equivalent checkover specifically catering for classic cars, designed to fill the void.

Priced at £40 all-in, you’ll receive a printout of any issues found, presented in a ‘pass / advisory / fail’ format, and of course, we’ll be happy to book you in for any repairs and we may be able to carry out certain smaller repairs on the day to save you an extra journey.

Body Restoration

Mechanical & Electrical

Fire Suppression Systems

Vehicle Security

Call or email us via the ‘Contact’ page with your vehicle details, and we’ll get back to you with a quote, usually in less than 24 hrs.